Mindfulness At Work

Would you like to be more focused, productive and creative at work? Would you like a more positive workplace mood, better communication and teamwork?

Nen Consulting offers Workplace Wellness & Mindfulness Training that transforms peoples’ work and their lives. We help people to develop the capacity to be calmer, resilient and vital so that they can thrive in today’s changing, always-on work environment.

We’re passionate about helping businesses empower their workforce to succeed.We teach Mindfulness at Work in a variety of ways that can be tailored to your organisation needs.  Our emphasis is on practical approaches that can be incorporated into the working day and beyond with ease.

Benefits :
  • Proven ways of coping with stress through balanced effort
  • Enhanced judgement and perspective in the presence of stress
  • Improved clarity and decision-making
  • Transform your relationships with others leading to more effective communication and teamwork
  • A higher degree of creativity and problem-solving

All training is evidence based and we offer follow up coaching to ensure sustainability and follow through on individual or team basis. We provide pre and post program metrics  to help you measure impact from our training.



Mindfulness Training in the Workplace Options…

Introduction to Mindfulness

An inspirational and engaging keynote speech at your annual offsite, a Lunch & Learn, team day or Town Hall meeting. We will provide an energizing and thought provoking introduction to mindfulness.

Typically the session gives people the opportunity to find out what mindfulness is (and isn’t), as well as the ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’ of practicing mindfulness. Talks and Workshops can be delivered specific to your area and content is action orientated and includes practical tips that participants can implement immediately. Interested in learning more?  CONTACT US


Mindfulness At Work Course

Our Mindfulness At Work Course is a practical and experiential programme specifically designed for a workplace context to develop skills that support Health, Well-being & High Performance..Participants learn to reduce stress reactivity, build calm, clarity and resilience; improve focus, confidence; develop self and social awareness…

The programme is a series of sequential modules that can be taught at your location over a period that best fits your schedule or can be taught online if required.

Course materials – workbook and a range of guided meditations are provided for each participant. To fully benefit from the Mindfulness at Work course, participants need to engage in daily practice.

 Like to know more about our Mindfulness at Work program? CONTACT US  


Mindfulness Master Classes

Throughout the year we offer a number of masterclasses on key areas that are pertinent to business Read More