On the surface I had a amazing career with leadership roles at well-known corporate giants but inside, it was a different story. Being a single mother and the prolonged stress of corporate life was taking its toll and in 2012 I hit a wall of stress. I felt like was about to go under – physically and mentally. Something had to change.

I’d always loved yoga and meditation but life had pushed these to the back burner but I enrolled in an 8-week mindfulness course and was inspired to join in an intensive retreat with leading UK mindfulness practitioner, Vidyamala Burch. So profound were the benefits of bringing

Mindfulness has helped me to transform my response to the world and now its is my privilege to help others discover the power of mindfulness so they can lead happier, healthier lives. When I’m not teaching I am enjoying walks in nature and completing my Qi Gong practitioner training so that I can further support individuals to take an integrative approach to their wellbeing.