Mindfulness for Health

Do you have a chronic pain condition or suffer from a long-term health problem? Then you’re not alone.

One in five Australians suffer from chronic pain during their lifetime. For those people over 65, the number suffering chronic pain increases to one in three.

Chronic pain and long-term illness can affect our sleep, appetite, mobility, mental health and our ability to live on our own. But increasingly it is being recognised that having a holistic plan that includes mindfulness practices can be highly effective in managing health conditions and allowing the person to live well..

Here at Nen Consulting we teach the Breathworks Mindfulness for Health approach (also know as Mindfulness Based Pain and Illness Management). Although similar to mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) and mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT) Breathworks Mindfulness for Health has some specific applications for people living with pain and illness. These include a distinctive approach to mindfulness in daily life, mindful movement and also includes compassion and acceptance meditations as part of the core curriculum.

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What people have said about Mindfulness for Health

“I can’t thank you enough for… techniques I will have all my life which I can use anywhere.” J, 34, neck muscle spasms

“I have found the relaxation particularly useful, especially for secondary pain caused by tension. Mindfulness has been a revelation! I wish this…could be more widely available to people in a similar situation.”
M, 52, Arthritis in thoracic spine

Mindfulness Health Learning Options

Breathworks Mindfulness for Health Course

On this eight-week course you will learn effective self-management skills for living with pain and illness that can help to improve the quality of your health and life. The techniques are designed to be easily incorporated into your daily life, specifically:.

You will learn:
  • How to manage pain, illness and fatigue in daily life
  • Breath and body awareness as ways to help manage stress and tension that arises from pain and illness
  • Gentle mindful movements that can improve strength and flexibility as well helping to release tension
  • Mindfulness meditation practices, including cultivating kindliness towards yourself and empathy for others
Who is the course for?

The courses take place within small, supportive and friendly group settings. They are non-religious and open to all on a self-referral basis, including those living with chronic back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, post-operative pain, cancer, multiple sclerosis, neuropathies, Parkinson’s disease, and many other types of pain and illness. If you are unsure if the course is suitable for you please contact us to discuss

Next Course

Starts: Tuesday 04 July 2017

Location: Well for Life, 2/35 Hume St, Crows Nest. Follow link for Directions

Dates: This course is covered over eight Tuesday afternoons – dates and times below:

  • 04 July – 1 – 4pm
  • 11 July- 1.30 – 4pm
  • 18 July – 1.30 – 4pm
  • 25 July – 1.30 – 4pm
  • 01 August – 1.30 – 4pm
  • 08 August – 1.30 – 4pm
  • 15 August – 1.30 – 4pm
  • 22 August – 1.30 – 4pm

Costs in 2017: the course fee is $500, which includes a copy of the Mindfulness for Health Book, a workbook and a set of CDs or MP3 files.

There are a limited number of concessionary places at $295, which are available to people in financial hardship Please contact us to discuss CONTACT US



Course Cost

Individual Face to Face Mindfulness Coaching

For those who are unable to attend our courses or would like a one-to-one course, we offer the Breathworks Mindfulness for Health course in the Sydney area.  This takes the form of eight weekly 60 minute face to face sessions with Clarissa.

She will guide you through the Breathworks course week-by-week and help with any questions you have. The cost includes all materials which we provide to you at the start of the course, as well as an initial orientation telephone session before the course.

Cost of the course

  • For individual: £750 (waged), £600(concession)
  • If paid for by an institution or organisation: £1500

For more information and booking, please contact us CONTACT US



Terms and Refund Policy 

By registering I am agreeing to Nen Consulting’s terms and conditions and refund policy.   I understand that the includes training in meditation methods as well as gentle exercises. I understand that if for any reason I am unable to, or think it unwise to engage in these techniques or exercises either during the weekly classes or at home, I am under no obligation to engage in these techniques nor will I hold Nen Consulting liable for any injury incurred from these exercises or through my participation in the course.