Clarissa is an accredited Breathworks mindfulness trainer, facilitator, speaker and writer and runs her own successful training photo

She is an active writer on mindfulness and well-being and frequently pops up in newspapers, magazines and on radio shows and recently featured on the SBS. Based in Sydney, she runs courses, workshops and speaks at conferences on mindfulness in daily life as well the benefits of mindfulness within the corporate world.

Clarissa has had the honour and privilege of training in mindfulness with the Vidyamala Burch and Sona Fricker from Breathworks and with Dr Richard Miller in iRest Yoga Nidra .

Clarissa holds a Ph.D in Sensory Perception and has a strong interest in how our environments effect the way we perceive the world. Clarissa has spent 28 years working in major corporations in senior leadership positions across UK, Australia and Asia.

She loves working with people to help them find practical ways of incorporating mindfulness into their daily lives, leading to greater health and well-being. And, with her strong background in science, Clarissa loves that mindfulness has been proven to work scientifically.