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MINDFULNESS FOR HEALTH COURSE 8 Weeks Starting July 4th, 10.30 - 1.00 pm Crow's Nest, Sydney


Why Mindfulness?

We all know that high pressure work environments, the rapid pace of technology, a volatile and changing world and the demands of everyday life can be overwhelming. We need new skills to meet these changing conditions

Cultivating a mindfulness practice we can helps us to face the challenges of today’s world with greater clarity, composure and emotional intelligence. And also help meet our personal life and relationships with more skill, compassion and wisdom.

Mindfulness Courses We Offer

Mindfulness for Health

We teach people how to live well with pain and illness and to reduce the associated stress Read more

Mindfulness for Stress

Our program includes both theory and practice on topics including mindfulness in daily life, meditation, periods of silence and gentle mindful movements Read more


Mindfulness at Work

We help people to develop the capacity to be calmer, more open, resilient and vital so that they can thrive in today’s changing, always-on work environment  Read More



Tips for Surviving the Long Haul Flight

I’m preparing to go on my long overseas trip to Europe, setting myself up for a 26-hour flight from Sydney to Copenhagen, and a little bit further once I get to the other side. It made me think about how I could do the long journey in a mindful way.

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” Clarissa understands the challenges people face in their lives and creates a nurturing environment to support the growth of higher levels of focus and resilience. The sessions were simple and practical but most importantly the tools provided can be practiced beyond the classroom walls.”


Business Owner


Modern day life with multiple demands means we are under pressure to just keep up. I totally get it get! And that’s in a life where we maybe don’t have any health conditions which makes it even harder for us to be calm, loving and joyful.

The good news is that we can restore our sense of well-being and find breathing space in our hectic lives through mindfulness.

I love supporting people to gain awareness of and build new reactions, habits and emotions so they can cope with challenging situations in a more resilient way and with greater kindness towards themselves.

I’m a single mum of one son and I was a senior business person who has experienced corporate burnout and found my way back from through mindfulness